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If you're unsure whether new marketing technology services would be beneficial to your business, consider how much disruption is happening in the retail industry. Most brick and mortar stores will be using proximity awareness technology in the near future, and to remain competitive, you will need to be one of them. In our free Report, Why Retail Wins by Partnering with Auximiti, we detail our vision of the future of retail, the steps you can take with us, and what it could mean for your business.

Get Strategic Tips to Build Your Retail Business

Build valuable relationships with your customers as a time saving establishment.

Educate passersby of your specials and promotions and automate payments

Determine customer habits, gain valueable insights, and market uniquely by person

Add other services, like inventory automation, voice, chatbots, and more

Position yourself for success as a disruptor in your industry

"We tried similar marketing technologies in the past but they weren't very easy to use. Auximiti's promotion builder is light years ahead of the other products we have used."

Quentin Williams, Hawaii State Sales Manager for MM Mobile